What digital hearing aid accessories are available?

Jan 10, 2013 in Hearing Aids

What digital hearing aid accessories are available?

While a digital hearing aid may be the main device that helps you to communicate and hear better, there are a number of nifty pieces of kit that can assist as well.

During your free hearing test with us, we'll be able to explain to you exactly what sorts of accessories will help you, as well the main device that is best suited.

Before you call in for your appointment at one of our branches though, it's well worth having a read up on what sort of hearing aid accessories are out there, just so you know what to expect.

It may be the case that you don't need any of them but, if you do, then it's good to be prepared.


Batteries are obviously an essential part of digital hearing aids but, in terms of what you need to do as a patient, it actually requires very little effort.

All aids that we supply come with a free three-year supply of Rayovac hearing aid batteries, which helps to offer peace of mind along with durable performance, strong battery life and consistency.

Remote Controls

These are well-liked by many of our patients and vary in terms of advancement, although even the most basic can make a major impact on people's lives.

Some will just offer the bare minimum of controls such as adjusting volume and altering certain program settings but others have much more to give.

Indeed, some come with advanced connectivity so that aids can be connected to mobile phones and other similar devices.

Induction Loops

These can be incredibly useful for users, as they work to cut out exterior background noise and make the process of hearing that bit easier.

They allow people to listen to devices such as TVs and radios with others, without having to turn the volume up. This ensures that families and friends can all enjoy entertainment together.

All of these tools can be incredibly useful and our audiologists will be able to offer expert advice on which ones, if any, you may need.