What is the purpose of a hearing aid?

Nov 23, 2012 in Hearing Aids

What is the purpose of a hearing aid?

While modern hearing aids have become commonplace within society, there are still a number of misconceptions that people have about the function they perform.

It's important to know exactly what hearing aids are capable of before you book yourself in for a free hearing test with Leightons so that you have a clear idea of what is realistic.

What they do

Essentially, hearing aids amplify all sounds that you would normally hear to the point where those who struggle with audio can understand it fully.

Specifically, most modern hearing aids seek to transform soft sounds into clear, understandable sounds as well as making normal conversation that bit more comfortable and keeping loud sounds around the same mark but less harsh.

They won't magically repair your hearing fully so that you have no problems anymore but they will make it that bit easier to understand everyone and, with the sleek design of modern devices, you'll barely even know you're wearing one.

Indeed, certain hearing aids focus on amplifying high-pitched consonant sounds more than low-pitched noises so people can hear better in noisy, more convivial situations such as in loud bars or pubs.

What they don't do

Hearing aids are obviously vital for many people but they do have limitations and understanding these is just as important as getting to grips with what they are capable of.

For instance, they won't help to alter how your ears or body copes with noise so if you suffer from any physical deficiency then it may not necessarily help you out.

Similarly, they won't get rid of all background noise, which can cause issues for some people, and it won't stop the progression of hearing loss if things are getting gradually worse.

We can explain everything about what your hearing aid can do for you specifically when you call in for a free hearing test as well as helping to set you realistic goals.