When in doubt, speak to fellow hearing aid users

Dec 24, 2012 in Hearing Aids

When in doubt, speak to fellow hearing aid users

When you’re adjusting to life with a digital hearing aid, one of the main things we find can help is being able to speak to those who have suffered from it.

Our experts can obviously use their experience to help guide you on the path to recovery while your friends and family will be able to provide support too but speaking to someone who is going through what you are is an added bonus.

Not only can it provide a sense of reassurance that others have felt the same way you do and experienced similar issues, it will also give you a few technical pointers on how to make your life easier.

For instance, hearing aids are now highly-technological pieces of kit so if you are having any issues then you can either call in at a branch and ask away or speak to someone else who has had the same problems.

There are groups all over the country made up of people who wear hearing aids and suffer from different forms of deafness, meaning that there will usually be someone who can help you.

What’s more, given that confidence can be a major issue when trying to cope with hearing loss, being able to converse with others who may have suffered from the same problem can be a huge boost.

Not having to explain that you wear a device and being able to be clearly understood will help immensely, especially for those who are just starting out with their new aids.

Charity Action on Hearing Loss run a scheme called Hear to Meet which they say “gives people with hearing loss the opportunity to meet up over a cup of tea or coffee and exchange experiences and information”.

It’s this sort of thing that can really add something to the expert advice available at one of our branches, so it’s well worth looking into where the nearest group to you is.