You don't have to cope with poor hearing

Aug 13, 2012 in Hearing Aids

You don't have to cope with poor hearing

All too many people see deteriorating hearing as an inevitable part of aging and sit back and struggle when they have to strain to hear the TV or their friends and family.

However, in reality, there are a number of options for people with poor hearing which mean that their work, social and family lives are not affected by the issue.

In order to access this help and ensure that they are getting the best possible treatment, people need to go for regular hearing tests to ensure that their hearing is healthy and that any issues are being treated in the best manner.

Who should go for a hearing test?

Anyone can go for a hearing test if they have some concerns and want to put their mind at rest, however, it is advised that people in at-risk groups, such as those over the age of 55 or people who work in a loud environment, go at least every 12 months.

What does it involve? At Leightons we offer a full hearing test and assessment which involves a thorough lifestyle consultation, a discussion regarding the health of your hearing, and an examination of your hearing.

Afterwards you will be sent a report detailing the findings and any treatment recommendations, meaning you'll be fully informed at all times.

The full test just takes between an hour and an hour and a half, meaning that everyone should be able to fit one in, no matter how demanding their schedule is.

There is also the option of doing our online hearing test which takes just three minutes. While we still recommend you come in for a full test, this can give an indication of whether you have any hearing issues and could put your mind at ease.

We can also do tests at home if you are unable to make it in to one of our centres.

Benefits of a hearing test

The benefits of going for regular hearing tests are multiple. They mean that any problems are caught in the early stages enabling people to find the perfect hearing solution for them and carry on with their life as normal.

With hearing technology undergoing advances all the time, we will definitely have a hearing aid which suits your needs.