Four out of Ten dont know what Tinnitus is

Feb 06, 2014 in Hearing Care

Four out of Ten dont know what Tinnitus is

H2: Tinnitus Awareness Week 3-9 February 2014

A survey by the British organisation for the hard of hearing “Action on Hearing Loss reveals that 39% of the participants in the survey did not know what tinnitus is and that 22% even thought it was an allergy to metal.

However, tinnitus is a ringing in the ears which can be brought on by listening to loud or being exposed to loud sounds. 1,000 people participated in Action on Hearing Loss’s survey as part of an awareness drive among music lovers. By wearing hearing protection such as earplugs when listening to loud music at gigs and festivals people will avoid the dangers of noise induced hearing loss or tinnitus.

Action on Hearing Loss mention in their report that 56% had hurt their ears at live concerts because the music was so loud. Only 33% have ever worn earplugs or tried other forms of hearing protection.

Tinnitus is common amongst young people who go out clubbing regularly or listen to music a lot. A ringing in the ears after a night out is a warning sign that you could be permanently damaging your ears.

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