Hear the world in full colour with Leightons

Mar 13, 2024 in Hearing Care

Hear the world in full colour with Leightons

Without light, we have no colour. And without sound, we have no connection.

Elizabeth Newbould

Our hearing and sight are often considered as two separate entities, yet they are linked: a life without full colour or connection is a very dull place to be indeed.

Join us as we hear from Audiologist & Professional Services Manager Elizabeth Newbould (pictured) as she discusses the links between sound, our sight and colour.

“When we consider the energy we gain from being connected to others and the enjoyment we obtain from an immersive soundscape and a beautiful landscape, we can then stop to appreciate the full spectrum of both sound and colour. Only by understanding this can we start to realise how very similar our hearing and sight are and the equal importance they hold. Even a small impairment to either can start to disconnect us from our world, so having both checked regularly is very important.

family together round table

“When we experience hearing loss, we can slowly become disconnected from the world around us and all the little things that bring colour into our lives; from the sound of our children or grandchildren's laughter, the punchline of a joke, or that little bit of gossip you’ve been waiting to hear! A world with hearing loss can feel a little grey unless we do something about it - which is why we at Leightons are here to help.

“When we experience deterioration in our vision, the lack of detail and depth of colour can be missed. Our world becomes blurred or dull and the true beauty in what we see is lost. The details of a painting, the handwritten note, the smile on a friend's face: imagine those without full clarity and colour.

colourful flowers with trees

“Sound and light share the fundamental nature of vibration. Frequency is the common term of measurement for both, the compression wave of air molecules for sound and an electromagnetic wave for light. Frequencies affect us as humans every moment of the day, evoking emotional, physical, psychological and behavioural responses, often creating a visceral response in the body. When we stop to think about how our life is given energy, feelings, emotions and memories... all triggered by our experiences of what we see and hear. Life is nothing without sound and light!

Robin singing on branch

“Take a moment to yourself and think ‘what would it feel like not to hear the sounds of nature, the sound of bird song, the rustling of leaves on the trees, or the flowing water of a stream? All these sounds are precious to us, so we should do our bit to ensure we keep them for as long as possible. We should apply the same care to our hearing as we do our sight.”

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