Hearing Aids Improve Quality of Life

May 03, 2016 in Hearing Care

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Your quality of life can be improved with hearing aids

Hearing loss affects millions of people worldwide, but many people refuse to acknowledge it or seek professional help on time. A new study now shows that hearing aids not only address hearing loss, but also improve the overall quality of life of the hearing impaired person.

Quality of Life

As of 2015, 11 million people in the UK are living with hearing loss, according to data from Action On Hearing Loss. They further estimate that this figure will go up to 15.6 million by 2035. However, denial is a common reaction to loss of hearing and, on average, it takes seven to ten years for people to actually seek help.

Research has shown that hearing loss also affects your quality of life – it can lead to feelings of isolation, social withdrawal and at times depression. According to a new survey released by EuroTrak UK, the use of hearing aids can actually improve the overall quality of life, contributing to more active lives and better health.

EuroTrak analysed 15,000 people and found out that people who wore hearing aids were less likely to be depressed and less likely to get dementia compared to people who didn’t wear hearing aids. In the study, people with hearing aids reported better sleep quality, memory and cognitive functions, and were also less worn out in the evenings, both physically and mentally.

Read more about the results of the study here.

Hearing Aids

Detecting hearing loss in the early stages is half the battle won and early use of hearing aids helps in managing your hearing loss better. The days of analogue hearing aids, which were cumbersome and uncomfortable, are long gone. Technological advancements have made today’s digital hearing aids smaller, sleeker and absolutely state-of-the-art. Completely-in-the-canal hearing aids are practically invisible!

You can find hearing aids that suit most levels of hearing loss – from mild to severe. People with mild to moderate hearing loss can really benefit from using hearing aids at an early stage. This gives them the best opportunity to get used to them and navigate daily situations more comfortably as soon as possible.

Getting Help

If you think you detect early signs of hearing loss in yourself or in a loved one, don’t hesitate in booking a comprehensive hearing test. At Leightons Opticians and Hearing Care, you can have a free hearing test to gauge the extent of your hearing loss. Our expert audiologists offer a friendly, relaxed experience and will help you with the entire process.

We can recommend the next steps and whether you may want to consider wearing hearing aids. If so, we can advise on aids that best suit the level of your hearing loss as well as your lifestyle. You will also get a free hearing aid demonstration, which will help you understand how your hearing can improve by using hearing aids. We have a wide range of digital hearing aids in our stores, from some of the leading manufacturers in the world, such as Phonak, Oticon, Widex, Siemens and ReSound.

Call us on 0800 40 20 20 or book an appointment online at www.leightons.co.uk. Don’t ignore hearing loss; early detection will help you cope with it better and will vastly improve your quality of life.