Bionic ear roadshow makes National Lottery Awards final

Sep 20, 2012 in Hearing Protection

Bionic ear roadshow makes National Lottery Awards final

The Bionic Ear Show has been recognised for its innovative methods of promoting ear protection to people of all ages.

National Lottery Awards has gifted the show a place in their finals, where they battle against two other projects. The final decision will be made by the general public via the phone and the internet.

A self-proclaimed ‘educational, fun and interactive show’, the aim of the roadshow is to promote safe listening through hands on activities and audience participation.

To get to this crucial stage, the bionic roadshow has already faced a gruelling short listing process. An independent judging panel reads through every entry entered, before hand picking ten projects from each category to face the semi-final, and eventually, the public vote.

The Lottery Awards are a way of celebrating the great work of every venture entered. Each project has received funding from the National Lottery, which, since 1994, has supported over 370,000 projects.

Previous winners of the award include the Northern Ballet and Phoenix Dance Theatre.

Charity winners have included Hands that Talk - improving the quality of life for deaf people in Northern Ireland - and Include Duchenne - an educational charity supporting children with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

A travelling performance, the bionic ear show is available for bookings across the country at venues of all sizes.

Children seem particular fans of the show, with the website rejoicing in particular remarks made by enthusiastic pupils.

The show is linked to the school curriculum, explaining the intricacies of how sound travels. The audience are even invited to experience the world’s largest ear, as a 22ft long ear takes to the stage.

Teachers and children alike seem pleased with the educational and creative values of the show, with a primary school teacher quoted on their website as saying: “A delightful mixture of fun and laugher with scientific information and thoughtful elements. The children were involved with the show and amazed by some of the areas of the show.”