Can mowing your lawn hurt your hearing?

Jan 22, 2015 in Hearing Protection

Can mowing your lawn hurt your hearing?

Can mowing your lawn hurt your hearing?

If you live in a typical urban environment, you are likely to be exposed to extremely high levels of noise – including levels that have been known to have adverse health effects. Studies have estimated that about 10% of the population in the UK lives in areas where daytime sound levels exceed 65 decibels. Sources of sounds include everything from that of transport modes (cars, trains and planes) to construction-related noise and such innocuous sources as dogs barking and car alarms blaring. But did you know that your land mower too contributes to ambient noise?

Sound of Summer

A research carried out few years ago found that the gentle hum of the land mower is the sound most Britons associate with summer. This ‘gentle hum’ clocks in at about 90 decibels, much higher than the limits considered safe for human ears. Any sound above 85 decibels can cause hearing loss, depending upon your level of exposure to it. You may not even notice the land mower’s noise sometimes or may just tune it out; but the fact remains that the sound can cause damage to your hearing. Exposure to loud noises can cause damage the delicate hair cells in your ear. We have a finite number of hair cells and our body cannot rejuvenate them, so the hearing loss is permanent.

What you can do

You are often urged to use the correct feet and eye protection while operating your land mower. However, protection of the ears is not always emphasised. Now that you know that the whirring of your land mower can cause damage to your ears, it’s not too late to take precautionary steps. Earplugs or protective hearing aids are an absolute must when you’re mowing the lawn. The disposable foam earplugs are easily available and are quite inexpensive. Alternatively, you can buy a good pair of earmuffs that offers more hearing protection than the plugs. They are certainly pricier than earplugs, but it’s an investment worth making to ensure that your hearing is not affected. Apart from making sure that you’re adequately protected, ensure that your children are not exposed to the sounds of the land mower. Their ears are more delicate than those of adults and hence more prone to damage.

Protect your hearing

According to Action on Hearing Loss (formerly RNID), some 10 million people in the UK have some sort of hearing loss and this figure is expected to rise to 14.5 million by 2031. Hearing loss is in fact the fastest growing disability worldwide according to the World Health Organisation. Hence it’s important that you get your hearing checked regularly. Often you may not even know that your hearing is impaired, as the damage may be minimal. However, if it’s not addressed immediately it will only deteriorate.

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