Ensure your care home can cope with hearing loss

Oct 31, 2012 in Hearing Protection

Ensure your care home can cope with hearing loss

Old age can be a trying time for many people, as they look to cope with all manner of issues and problems that later life can come with.

Obviously it’s not all bad and people should always look to enjoy their older years, but with issues such as moving into retirement homes a charity has called on people to check such homes have adequate systems to help people with hearing loss.

Action On Hearing Loss (AOHL) has made the call after it published a report which found that around 250,000 people in the UK are affected by homes not catering properly for people who suffer from hearing loss.

The charity says people and their families should ensure prospective retirement homes have sufficient systems in place to help those people who wear hearing aids, for the benefit of their quality of life.

As part of the report, AOHL says that care staff also need to be trained to deal with those who suffer from hearing loss to ensure they aren't left unhappy or isolated because of their disability.

The charity's chief executive, Paul Breckell, said it was vital for people who suffer from the condition to take their time before committing to a care or retirement home.

He explained: "When people with hearing loss in England are selecting a care home, it’s important to make an informed choice by checking exactly what processes and support is available to meet the individual needs of residents who are deaf or hard of hearing.

"Care and nursing home managers should take simple steps to transform the experience of residents with hearing loss and ensure that they are fully included in everyday conversations and social activities."

Taking time to ensure a retirement or care home is right for you should be done, even if you don't suffer from deafness.

However, if you do, it makes it that bit more essential.