Hearing charity to benefit from Kilimanjaro climb

Sep 17, 2012 in Hearing Protection

Hearing charity to benefit from Kilimanjaro climb

A charity fundraiser to climb Mount Kilimanjaro is being planned to help continue the work done by hearing charity The Ear Foundation.

Firefighter Richard Hall, whose daughter suffers from deafness, and the director of a hearing research unit, Deborah Hall, are to attempt the feat in support of the non-profit making charity.

The 5,895 ascent up the highest free standing mountain in the world won't be an easy task but Richard says the education and support provided by the charity to professionals and families is worth it.

"We had no experience of deafness when Phoebe was born and we are on a long journey of learning and adapting," he said.

"The work that The Ear Foundation does is so valuable in supporting deaf children and their families and providing education for professionals that work with children like Phoebe so that they can make the most out of this amazing technology."

Deborah also praised the foundation, saying they do "an amazing job in providing education, advice and support", adding that she has "seen what a difference their work makes".

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