Hearing Protection

Feb 04, 2013 in Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection

It may not seem like a particularly special week but, for one charity, the next few days represent a real chance to highlight the impact of tinnitus.

The condition, which is usually noticeable when a ringing noise within the ear is experienced, can be extremely damaging if left for a long time which is why the British Tinnitus Association (BTA) has set up Tinnitus Awareness Week.

According to the BTA, the main purpose behind the week is to showcase the "importance of Tinnitus Support Groups throughout the UK", with people likely to be made more aware of the dangers associated with it.

This can be done for all sorts of people in different environments, with extensive exposure to loud noises often the major cause of tinnitus.

For some this will be consistently listening to music at too loud a level, while for others it could be that they are exposed to excessive decibels within the workplace.

So long as people are aware of the dangers involved with tinnitus, the week will have had a positive impact.