How can I check if I'm suffering from hearing loss?

Jan 11, 2013 in Hearing Protection

How can I check if I'm suffering from hearing loss?

Coming in for a free hearing test with Leightons is the best way of knowing for sure just what level of deterioration you are at, but there are things you can do before your appointment.

Our online hearing test is a quick and simple way for you to check what level you are at before our audiologists can fill in the gaps and, what's more, it's incredibly convenient too.

You can do it from the comfort of your own home and it only takes around three minutes.

In the short term, you can get largely up to speed on how your hearing is and, while it shouldn't be treated as clinical data, it can offer a handy insight before you meet our experts to take the next step, if this is required.

What should you be looking out for in day-to-day life though?

In terms of tell-tale signs of hearing loss, there are a few to keep an eye on that aren't too technical or complex.

It's usually a case of having difficulty communicating with others, so if you feel that others are mumbling or if you need to ask people to repeat things then you may have an issue that needs dealing with.

Similarly, if you find yourself constantly turning up the volume on televisions or personal stereos and struggling to keep in the loop with conversations then these too can be signs of a problem.

There are currently around ten million people in the UK who suffer from hearing loss, so don't feel as though you are alone. Our team will be able to help you understand anything you may not already.

However, the first step is always the most difficult one and it's essential to either carry out a test online in your home or call in for an appointment with us.

Give us a ring or pop in to one of our branches to see what we can do for you and your hearing.