How Counselling can help you deal with Hearing Loss

Mar 11, 2015 in Hearing Protection

How Counselling can help you deal with Hearing Loss

If you’re diagnosed with hearing loss, we understand how difficult things may be for you. Even a mild hearing loss can affect interpersonal relationships, your career, as well social interactions. Remember that your hearing loss also affects your family and friends. It may not always be easy to reach out and ask for help, as talking about your hearing loss will undoubtedly be difficult or uncomfortable for you. This is where professional counselling can help you deal with these feelings and eventually manage your hearing loss, without compromising on your lifestyle.

How Counselling will help

Your counsellor’s office is a safe, confidential place where you can freely talk about your struggles and difficult feelings, without being judged, and with someone who will really listen and offer advice. It’s also marginally easier to talk about your personal problems with someone who is a third party outsider. Your counsellor accepts you and understands your feelings, and can help you to process and overcome the difficulties you face as you deal with hearing loss. Your counsellor will help you understand more about yourself and discover changes that you can make, in order to improve the quality of your life and your relationships.

Here are some in way in which you can help your counsellor help you.

• Request that your counsellor is not seated too far away from you, so that you converse better and not have to strain to hear her

• You may have to request the counsellor is speak louder or slower so that you can hear her well

• Tell the counsellor if you’re struggling to understand her; politely nodding along will only defeat the purpose of the counselling session

• If you need to lip-read, inform your counsellor about it so that she can look at you directly, enunciate clearly and not cover her mouth while talking

After Care Programme

Apart from counselling, it’s important to get regular consultations with your audiologist. At Leightons Hearing Care, our job doesn’t stop with helping you choose a hearing aid best suited for your requirements and lifestyle. We also provide comprehensive after care services. Our bespoke Hearing Aids After Care programme is individually tailored to your needs and is included with all digital hearing aid purchases – at no extra cost. Four weeks after your hearing aid fitting, we will provide a free consultation and check-up to understand whether you’re happy with your hearing aids.

We will fine tune the hearing aids and make any adjustments, if required. Every six months you can avail our free hearing checks, which include a full hearing assessment and a hearing test, as well as hearing aids maintenance. Also remember to collect your six months’ supply of free hearing aid batteries!

Our friendly and professionally trained audiologists are available any time for free hearing tests and advice. So drop by at your nearest Leightons Hearing Care branch or call us on 0800 40 20 20 to speak to our hearing care experts. Talk to us; we’re listening.