How hearing loss affects the body

Nov 22, 2012 in Hearing Protection

How hearing loss affects the body

Contrary to popular opinion, hearing loss doesn't just affect the parts of the ear that detect noise.

In fact, there can often be other symptoms involved with deafness that are felt across the body and this is something we look to explain when we offer our free hearing test.

One area where people often tend to suffer is an increase in headaches and migraines because they are trying much harder to hear what people are saying, causing illness to get on top of them.

It's always better to come in and see the experts when you start to lose hearing, rather than try and strain to pick up the conversation, because, in the long run it means you can get things sorted quicker and you won't cause yourself any further pain.

This notion of working harder just to understand people is part of what causes increased fatigue also.

Other issues that cause people with hearing loss to get tired more easily is often a lack of confidence.

Losing the confidence to take part in social outings and conversations can cause people to stay in rather than get out and about to exercise which, in turn, can bring on fatigue and sometimes depression.

Sleeping habits in general can often become patchy at best as a result of deafness, which obviously won't help people to recharge their batteries.

Finally, eating disorders is one symptom that people often wouldn't associate with deafness.

People can find their appetite is affected because with issues such as tinnitus the buzzing sensation can affect other senses including taste which causes some to look at food differently.

These are all serious issues when not addressed properly but, with adequate care and attention, they can be overcome.

Like any other avenue of life that is affected by hearing loss, it doesn't have to be the end of the world.

Simply ask all the questions you need to of our experts and we'll see you right.