How to protect your hearing

Jan 15, 2013 in Hearing Protection

How to protect your hearing

While hearing loss may not be the end of the world, thanks largely to digital hearing aids and their accessories, it's still well worth protecting your ears.

What's more, it doesn't have to be the case that you cut out all noise and stop having fun, instead people can protect their hearing by following a few simple steps.

A lot of damage is done by listening to personal stereos and iPods too loudly, something which is easily remedied by turning the volume down a touch.

Music is often appreciated more when it's nice and loud but, is it really worth doing damage to yourself for the sake of a few extra decibels?

Similarly, with the television, try reducing the volume where possible. Don't try and strain to hear it when it's hovering above mute, but, at the same time, avoid having the set blaring out.

Much of the time, when people watch television at home, they have to turn the volume up to combat extra noise from family members so why not try watching your favourite programme in a quieter part of the house?

Live music is something we all love to get involved in but, if you are planning on seeing someone who is especially loud, then it may be advisable to take ear plugs.

You will still be able to hear all your favourite songs but your hearing will remain undamaged and you'll avoid that nasty ringing noise that can come on after a gig.

If regularly exposed to loud music, this ringing can worsen and is often the first tell-tale sign of tinnitus, something which can require treatment.

Should you experience loud noise at work then it's essential that you wear ear protectors to maintain your hearing.

Your employer is obliged to provide these free of charge, so have a word with your bosses and ensure you aren't doing unnecessary damage to yourself during the working day.

Our expert audiologists will be able to answer any questions you may have on this topic, so why not call in to one of our branches?