Motorcyclists advised to wear earplugs to avoid hearing loss

Apr 23, 2013 in Hearing Protection

Motorcyclists advised to wear earplugs to avoid hearing loss

Anyone who drives a motorcycle should equip themselves with ear plugs in order to protect their hearing, according to the advice given by Appia Healthcare.

The British firm has argued that noise from the vehicle's engine, wind and the road can reach lethal levels for ears.

Alexander Duggan, director at Appia Healthcare, said: “It's a fact that riding motorcycles can damage your hearing. If you ride for any period of time without hearing protection you are putting yourself at risk, because as time goes by you will eventually suffer hearing damage. Theoretically the bigger the engine, the louder the level of noise generated and the more damaging it will be.”

Mr Duggan further stated that drivers should adopt ear protection in the form of ear plugs that will allow you to hear sirens and horns on the road, but will also soften loud noises. It is important however that all ear plugs are regularly cleaned in warm, soapy water, to remain effective over time.

Protecting your hearing is vital as it goes simply beyond your ears ringing. Mr Duggan argues that tinnitus, or complete loss of hearing, cannot be repaired or even get better over time. Furthermore, problems with your hearing accumulates over time and worsens, with research suggesting there is also a link with hearing loss to heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes.

This follows recent research by Echo Barrier which suggests that listening to music on the London Underground could be as bad for your ears as operating drills on a construction site on a daily basis. Listening to music on portable devices could be potentially dangerous to your future hearing, especially if volumes are too high.

For those who believe they may be suffering from hearing loss, they should visit their doctor as soon as possible.