One Direction’s Louis suffering from tinnitus due to screaming girls

Apr 04, 2013 in Hearing Protection

One Direction’s Louis suffering from tinnitus due to screaming girls

They may be one of the most popular boybands in the world, but this has not stopped one of One Direction’s members suffering from hearing loss.

Singer Louis Tomlinson has revealed that he has started to go deaf in his right ear due to all the screaming that follows the band around. Speaking to the Daily Mirror, the 21-year old said: “I am going slightly deaf in my right ear. It's tinnitus... something like that.”

With his hearing now muffled, the band have decided to begin rehearsing their tour with a backing soundtrack of screaming girls, whilst they have to wear specialist hearing aids and protective earpieces when hitting the stage.

The band has to perform with this soundtrack in rehearsals because the screaming can often affect their performances, hence all safety precautions are being considered. The ’screaming’ soundtrack is often even played before their concerts to encourage the crowd to get louder before the boys grace the stage. As they are still young, their ears and hearing are still developing, so it is vital to protect the boys at all costs.

A source further told the Daily Mirror: “Screams during gigs have started affecting the boys on stage. They are only young and still developing, so management insist they wear hi-tech earpieces and filters to reduce the volume of the screaming and the music.”

One Direction began their tour on February 23rd in London. They will continue their tour across Europe after they finish a series of shows at London’s O2 this week. The famous five will then head to the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand, before they finish their tour in Japan in November.