Protect your hearing from loud noises

Oct 16, 2012 in Hearing Protection

Protect your hearing from loud noises

With enjoyable mediums such as music, film and television there can often be a desire to increase enjoyment wherever possible.

Film buffs tend to want to watch their favourite movies on huge screens and those who enjoy their music want to listen to it as loud as possible so they can try achieve the most of it.

However, not only does this rarely work, it can also do lasting damage.

Being overpowered by a TV or film screen can harm your eyesight if done for long periods of time while listening to excessively loud music certainly does damage to your hearing.

We're not ones to say that you should keep your music levels so low that you can barely hear them, but we do suggest not having it at full blast every day.

It can causes tinnitus and lead to severe hearing loss further down the line, causing the needs for hearing aids and other such devices.

It's not just with listening to music on your commute or when at home either, if you work with loud noises and sound each day, then you could be at risk too.

Only recently, Canadian performer Grimes had to cancel a number of dates because she was suffering from tinnitus, telling fans she was "trying to stay away from loud music for a bit".

If your employment is in a regularly noisy environment then it's generally advisable to wear ear protectors.

If you do begin to hear a slight ringing in your ears then there's a chance it could be tinnitus. It's always best to play safe and call in for a free hearing test with us.

Hopefully it'll be nothing too serious, but if the worst happens, then it will be reassuring to know you're in the hands of experts.

Our expert audiologists will have seen it all before and will be able to advise on the best course of action for you.