Support and advice is key for those with hearing loss

Nov 06, 2012 in Hearing Protection

Support and advice is key for those with hearing loss

Everyone knows the importance of ensuring you have a full hearing test at a young age, as well as how crucial it is to protect your hearing throughout your life.

However, often, there is much more to it than that and people generally need support and advice from experts as well as people who have been through the pain of hearing loss before.

That's obviously something we here at Leightons can help with, as we have a wide range of audiologists who can answer all your queries, but there are also various community groups who offer an outlet for people.

One such service is BSL Tuesdays in Barnet, which is to take place each week from now, being run at the Jewish Deaf Association’s (JDA) community centre in North Finchley.

It's designed for anyone of any faith over the age of 18 who suffers from hearing loss or any related communication issues that go with it with the drop-in and follow-up service ideal for residents.

Sue Cipin, executive director of the JDA, said the drop-in event would help people who suffered from hearing loss enormously.

"Several deaf people, previously unknown to JDA, have turned up at our door saying they have nowhere else to turn and pleading for help," she explained.

"They tell us that they have been passed from one organisation to another and still not received the services they need and want."

What's more, she said it wasn't just a case of inconvenience and that there can be serious consequences.

"The lack of specialist services has created serious consequences to lifestyle, physical and mental health, including crises such as debt, cutting off of vital utility supplies or eviction leading to homelessness," she said.

It goes to show that support is vital for those with hearing loss and not only do we at Leightons provide free hearing tests and devices, we also provide support and someone to talk to.