The advancement of hearing loss treatment

Jan 24, 2013 in Hearing Protection

The advancement of hearing loss treatment

How we deal with hearing loss, and the whole spectre of digital hearing aids available now, has come on leaps and bounds over recent decades.

Now, during free hearing tests at Leightons, our expert audiologists can do more than ever before to look into the extent of your hearing loss as well as being able to work out the best course of treatment for you.

Similarly, your aid no longer has to be the size of a house, as it can be fitted discreetly behind the ear. So well concealed are they that after a short period of time most wearers simply get used to them and barely notice they are there.

Much of the reason for this is down to medical research and scientific improvements and a recent study in America has claimed to push forward the treatments for hearing loss even further.

Researchers at the University of Florida have made a major breakthrough in that they are now able to temporarily cause a degree of deafness so they can experiment with various treatments to make it better.

This means that there is a safe and reversible way of inducing temporary hearing loss and Colleen Le Prell, an associate professor in the department of speech, language, and hearing sciences at the university, said it was a step forward.

"We really want to find out what’s going to work and we want to make it possible for strategies that do work to get in the hands of the people who need them," she said of the research, which is described in the Ear and Hearing journal.

It's research like this which helps shape treatment and allows sufferers to cope better with the condition.

Our expert audiologists are well versed in the latest technologies which means that right from the start of your treatment, they will be aware of how best to help you.

If you have any inkling that you may be suffering from deafness or tinnitus, then be sure to book yourself in at one of our branches.