Woman suffers hearing loss thanks to rogue ladybird

Oct 22, 2012 in Hearing Protection

Woman suffers hearing loss thanks to rogue ladybird

Hearing loss can be caused by a variety of issues although every so often a seemingly strange and previously unheard of case arises.

That was certainly the category that Danielle Eccles found herself in when she found that her hearing loss had been caused by a rogue ladybird which had managed to find its way into her ear.

The 28-year-old went to see NHS professionals 11 times in total complaining of severe earache, temporary loss of hearing as well as a swollen right ear.

In all the hearing tests carried out at Leightons, we've never heard of a ladybird causing hearing loss for one of our patients but that was what turned out to be the case.

According to the Daily Mail, Ms Eccles went to put some eardrops in, bent her head slightly and out fell the insect's head.

It was only after this had happened that she remembered how, when her symptoms first started, she had felt a tickling sensation as though something had crawled into her ear.

She told the newspaper: "A few nights earlier I'd felt sure a bug had crawled in my ear and was so relieved when my GP said he couldn't see any insect in there."

While the story is certainly a little unusual and different, the fact is hearing loss and ear pain can put a major downer on day-to-day life, as Ms

Eccles can testify.

"It sounds funny but I thought I was going mad," she said.

"It's made my life a nightmare. I just can't believe no one saw it. After all, it must be the brightest, spottiest bug in the UK."

We'll certainly keep an eye out for any more ear-loving ladybirds in future but the story just goes to show how easily something like this can happen.

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