Couple discuss the impact of hearing loss

Oct 01, 2012 in Hearing Tests

Couple discuss the impact of hearing loss

When it comes to hearing loss and helping people who need to wear hearing aids, there is only so much that we, as a company, and you, as users, can do.

A great deal of help needs to come from the wider society in making hearing a prominent issue and ensuring that people who wear such devices are given a helping hand.

Thankfully, big steps forward have been made over recent decades, and with the recent Paralympic Games, there have been suggestions it could spark further improvements.

There are still things that need improving, according to one deaf couple.

Cathy and Michael Doherty have been married now for 25 years and recently opened up the Daily Record about how society can help deaf people to go about their business.

"You’re in a different world, so you’re having to compensate all the time, and that’s why other people – from employers, to shop workers, to school teachers, to doctors – need to be sympathetic," Mr Doherty said.

He said that it can impact on everyday life when things don't quite go right either, especially with important discussions such as job offers, contracts and business dealing.

"You can go to an interview and not quite pick up on what people are saying and then wonder why you didn’t get the job. It’s probably because you didn’t hear the questions right," Mr Doherty added.

"So it took me a long time to realise that I needed to accept my deafness and, in a sense, be proud of it as well."

As we've mentioned before, if you feel as though you may be showing symptoms of hearing loss then get in touch about a free online hearing test or a home hearing test.

They're both quick and easy, as they can offer you a quick diagnosis as to whether or not you need further treatment.

Simple, efficient and it could improve the quality of your later life, perfect.