Deaf charity worker wins Miss India UK Worldwide title

Nov 19, 2012 in Hearing Tests

Deaf charity worker wins Miss India UK Worldwide title

Nehal Bhogaita knows better than most just how damaging hearing loss can be, as she works for a deafness charity and also suffers from the condition.

However, following her recent win in the Miss India UK Worldwide beauty pageant, she now also knows that it isn't something which necessarily has to prevent people achieving what they want to achieve.

Nehal, who is employed as a support worker for the charity, saw off 20 other contestants to secure the crown as she managed to impress the judges with her interview answers.

The 24-year-old is profoundly deaf and has to communicate via lip-reading but said that inspiring people with deafness was a major factor for her. Nehal said she "wants to show people that deafness isn't a disability, but a challenge to overcome".

"Anything is possible when you dream, believe and achieve," she added.

Action Deafness staff members Sonali Tanna and Eleanor Bilton were sent along to support Nehal at the pageant, alongside her parents, and both said they were struck by her likeable personality.

"Whereas you might expect beauty pageant finalists to be worried about their looks, Nehal was more concerned about whether we were enjoying the day or not and had reached the venue safely," they said.

Few of the party were as proud as Nehal's mother, Mina, who told the Leicester Mercury that her daughter was a source of real pride for her.

"After all she has been through – she has not let it hold her back," Mina said.

As anyone who has been through hearing loss will tell you, the process of being fitted with hearing aids and going for tests is not the difficult bit.

The tough times come when you have to adjust to life with these devices but with support from friends, family and ourselves here at Leightons it's possible to carry on enjoying your life and achieving what you want to.

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