Don’t let hearing loss put you off physical activity

Sep 13, 2012 in Hearing Tests

Don’t let hearing loss put you off physical activity

Sport and physical activity play a major role in many people’s lives and that doesn’t become any less true for those who suffer with any form of hearing loss.

Many, if not all, digital hearing aids are now waterproof meaning activities such as swimming can now be done with ease while sweating and breaking your device need not be an issue either.

One person who certainly hasn’t let his loss of hearing get in the way of his life is Gerry Hughes, a teacher who has been deaf since birth and is currently in the middle of a really gruelling challenge.

Mr Hughes has already set off on a journey where he will look to become the first deaf person to sail around the world single-handedly, non-stop past all five capes.

The journey was made famous by Sir Francis Chichester and Sir Robin Knox Johnston and has only been completed by 300 people.

The main driving force behind the challenge? To inspire people who suffer from hearing loss into believing that they can achieve what they want to.

“Sailing has been my passion from when I was very young,” he said.

“I really struggled as a youngster because of my deafness but sailing provided me with an escape and I instantly feel at peace on a boat.

“I’m embarking on this challenge to raise awareness of the deaf community and to inspire young deaf people that they too can achieve their dreams.”

Now we’re not suggesting that you commandeer a yacht somehow and sail off around the world, although feel free if you want.

We’re just saying that because you may suffer from hearing loss in someway or wear a hearing aid, you can still participate in sport and physical activity.

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