More awareness required when it comes to hearing loss, says charity

Nov 02, 2012 in Hearing Tests

More awareness required when it comes to hearing loss, says charity

One hearing charity has led calls for improvements to be made among care and nursing homes in the UK, after it found many people with hearing loss were left isolated.

Action On Hearing Loss’ A World of Silence report found that many residents of such homes have not had their hearing loss properly diagnosed and, as such, aren’t given the appropriate level of care and lack devices such as hearing aids.

After speaking to both residents and carers in homes, it was revealed that even those who do use hearing aids aren’t getting the proper benefit from them because of a lack of knowledge across the system.

As with many conditions, early diagnosis of hearing loss is essential and it’s why we offer our free hearing test for those who think they may suffer from it.

It’s also why the charity is calling for a greater awareness to ensure that those who do suffer from deafness have their voices heard and aren’t left feeling isolated or alone.

Chief executive of Action on Hearing Loss, Paul Breckell, said: "With the scale of isolation for care residents with hearing loss only going to increase due to the ageing population, we’re calling on the Care Quality Commission to follow the lead of their Scottish counterparts by introducing a standard to ensure the individual communication needs of residents are fully met.

“Unless the regulator and care home managers take immediate steps to tackle this hidden crisis, many more care residents across England will face reduced quality of life which could so easily be avoided.”

As part of the study, researchers spoke to Jean Evans, 88, who has lived in sheltered housing and care homes in south London for around nine years now.

She says that hearing aids are vital for her as it allows her to participate in conversation and helps keep her sociable with fellow residents.

At whatever stage of life you are at, it’s essential that you can hear sufficiently to communicate and involve yourself, that’s why Leightons are here to help.