A new era of Eye Care has begun... have you had your 3D & HD Eye Examination?

Jan 09, 2012 in Leightons News

A new era of Eye Care has begun... have you had your 3D & HD Eye Examination?

At Leightons we are passionate about the care of our customers. That’s why we have invested in OCTs (Optical Coherence Tomographer) to take revolutionary scans of your eyes just like an MRI scan for the rest of your body. We recommend this advanced OCT scan with all eye examinations as it offers significant benefit:

  • We have more detail than ever before about your overall eye health

  • We can instantly show you the 3D High definition scans of the front and back of your eyes

  • An OCT scan allows us to detect and monitor any changes to your eye health earlier than other methods of eye screening

  • We can very accurately compare your OCT images at your next visit to Leightons allowing to easily monitoring any changes in your eye health.

Since 1928 Leightons Opticians have always strived to offer the best possible eye care, so our customers have the total piece of mind knowing they have received the highest standard of eye examination.

In the past, the only way to access the health of the retina (at the back of your eye) was to use a traditional ophthalmoscope which can be difficult to accurately monitor any changes in the eye. More recently retinal photography has been used to take a 2D photograph of the surface of the retina and doesn’t allow you to look deeper into the layers of your retina. An Optical Coherence Tomographer allows us to see beneath the surface of your retina. This isn’t possible by any other means and allows us to detect signs of conditions and diseases such as Glaucoma and Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and a great deal more.

The state of the art technology shows amazing high definition 3D imagery that can be used to detect very small changes earlier than using a traditional ophthalmoscope or standard retinal photography.

During an OCT scan nothing touches your eye and it is completely painless. The scan takes just a few seconds and displays 3D scans of at least 6 layers of your retina which you can see instantly on the screen – these images are saved so they can be compared to future scans to accurately determine if anything has changed.

We and many other optical and healthcare organisations strongly recommend it. To book your OCT Screening at your local Leightons Opticians Branch ring our freephone number 0800 40 20 20, alternatively you can book your test online.