Can you see the risks this summer?

Jun 09, 2011 in Leightons News

Can you see the risks this summer?

With the summer now officially here we thought we would try and raise some awareness about the dangers of UV rays. Being one the most trusted opticians in the UK, we see the effects of UV radiation almost every day when examining our customer’s eyes. One of the greatest threats to your eyesight is invisible and exposure to these UV rays can cause cataracts as well as age-related macular degeneration, which are both common causes of vision loss.

Like your skin, your eyes never recover from damage caused by exposure to UV radiation, so just as you put on sun-tan cream to protect your skin against harmful rays, don’t forget to protect your eyes. Other risks to your eye sight from not wearing sunglasses include pterygium (tissue growth on the eye’s surface that can block vision), corneal degenerative changes and photokeratitis (sunburn of the cornea), which like sunburn on your skin is extremely painful. The summer months can also cause itchy eyes from hay fever dust and dry eyes from the use of air conditioners in office and cars; for these symptoms we have specialist eye drops to sooth your eyes from irritation.

But enough of the gloomy side of bright sunny skies, because as experts in vision and eye care, the fully qualified and friendly staff at Leightons Opticians can give you free advice on how to give optimal protection to your eyes this summer. Along with this professional advice, we have a great range of designer sunglasses to suit all tastes or leisure activities. Along with a great choice, we have some amazing offers, including your prescription in designer sunglasses from only £99.

Don’t forget it’s not just your eyes that are at risk as before a child turns 18 they’ll have absorbed half of the UV rays that they’ll absorb in their lifetime. To look after your children’s eyes we have a new range of children’s sunglasses that start at just £10 and offer 100% UV protection. Also, don’t forget that we offer free eye tests to children under 18 or in full time education.

I hope this helps to raise some awareness of the UV dangers this summer and if you need any advice about protecting you or your family’s eyesight then feel free to contact us at Leightons Opticians or pop in to your local branch for an eye MOT- remember, if you’re over 60 then you can receive a free NHS eye test.