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About hearing loss

Why do we lose our hearing?

There are lots of reasons why we lose our hearing. It may be related to age, it could be as a result of our hobbies or our work, or it could even be a temporary blockage that’s affecting what we hear.

The type of hearing loss that you have will depend on the part of the ear affected:

Sensorineural (cochlea and/or auditory nerve) hearing loss is due to the deterioration of hair cells within the cochlea and/or the hearing nerve. This type of hearing loss often occurs as we get older or as a result of noise exposure.
Conductive (middle ear) hearing loss is due to sound not passing easily to the inner ear, possibly from a blockage in the outer ear, such as excessive wax, or due to middle ear problems, such as congestion behind the eardrums, perforated eardrums or fixture of the middle ear bones.
Mixed (cochlea and/or auditory nerve, plus the middle ear) hearing loss is due to a combination of the two other types of hearing loss.

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