Introducing ALLPOETS: the trailblazing brand showcasing sustainable style

Sep 23, 2022 in Glasses & Sunglasses


We are living in a new age where sustainable fashion is at the forefront of our thoughts and many of us are looking to be more conscious with what we are buying, but who said sustainability couldn’t be stylish?

Well allow us to introduce ALLPOETS, the eco-conscious eyewear brand which is focused on changing the world one frame at a time!


Inspired by the natural world around them, the ALLPOETS glasses and sunglasses collection is a love letter to the planet and are created with that same worldly respect, using a mixture of bio-based and recycled materials. Built on their mantra “Rethink, Recycle, Reinvent, Rebel.” ALLPOETS are continually committed to improving all their processes, looking to gain the Official Certificate of Recycled Metal by 2023 and are working towards supplying 100% sustainable packaging by 2024.

ALLPOETS is the first eyewear brand in the world to create their frames with Carbon Renewed Technologies (CRT), a technology which finds new uses for recycled materials, avoiding the materials going into landfill or being incinerated. This method of manufacturing helps to reduce nasty CO2 emissions and the reliance on fossil fuels, it also gives a second life to materials which would have otherwise been wasted.


In a world of fast fashion, ALLPOETS believe in creating eyewear to last, only using the highest quality materials in their frames to extend their longevity, without the designer price tag. They reimagine classic eyewear shapes, injecting them with colour and vibrance, drawing on the beautifully diverse Mediterranean ecology for inspiration.

ALLPOETS model 2

For us at Leightons, the ALLPOETS collection is the perfect choice for those of us who are actively trying to reduce our own environmental impact whilst still looking glamorous. Since its launch in our practices earlier this year, the range has gone down a storm and been well received by all ages, so we are very excited to welcome the latest styles to our portfolio with the release of the ALLPOETS FW 22 collection.

So if you’re feeling inspired to make a change, why not come in and discover your inner poet with ALLPOETS?

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