Liz Jones speaks about coping with hearing loss

Oct 11, 2012 in Hearing Aids

Liz Jones speaks about coping with hearing loss

Journalist and famous face Liz Jones has spoken candidly about her experience with deafness and digital hearing aids.

Jones, writing in her Daily Mail column, told how there was no one point in her life where she realised that she was struggling with deafness and that it simply became a part of her that she accepted.

Obviously this shouldn’t be the case and we would encourage people to call in for a free hearing test rather than just trying to get by.

However, Jones admits that she chose to take the latter option, which made for certain situations which needn't have happened.

"I have become used to being deaf," she wrote.

"I manage. I know situations I can cope with, and those I can’t. I can go to the cinema as it’s so loud, but I gave up on theatre in 1982."

Also, she told how often during the course of her life, she would choose not to meet friends or dates in the evening because she relied on lip- reading.

It is something that has been a real part of her life, and not in a positive way, with Jones recounting how when driving she has been unable to speak with passengers.

This, again, is because it would require lip reading which she couldn't do because she was driving.

Another point she raised was how it made her feel bad because she felt as though she was a negative aspect in social situations and conversations.

"I know I flatten jokes and kill the mood. Being deaf is isolating. It has made me seem more irritable than I really am. I have to concentrate all the time, which means I’m never laughing or nonchalant," she wrote.

"Unlike a person in a wheelchair or the blind, the deaf seem to antagonise everyone around them, who then shout and get exasperated."

Her experiences don't have to be the same for you. By calling in to see us we can fit you with exactly what you need to get by and enjoy your life despite hearing loss.