Hearing aid accessories

Mar 3, 2023 - Hearing Aids

Our hearing aids play a vital role in helping us feel connected to one another, but did you know that many of these aids have the power to help us even further, and connect us to the modern world?

Retinoblastoma awareness: the facts, the signs and the treatment

May 10, 2021 - Eye Care, Children's Eye Care

Retinoblastoma is a rare type of eye cancer that can affect young children, usually under the age of six. There are around 45 cases of retinoblastoma diagnosed every year in the UK.

Contact Lenses for Children: Is it Safe and Appropriate?

Aug 22, 2023 - Children's Eye Care

Discover everything you need to know about contact lenses for children. Are they safe? When can they be worn? The pros and cons, and much more!

The anatomy of a frame

Sep 15, 2023 - Glasses & Sunglasses

Join us as we dissect the anatomy of a frame and why even the smallest of features can transform a frame's impact.

How hearing loss differs from sight loss

Aug 15, 2023 - Hearing Care

Hearing loss and sight loss are two very different conditions, so join us as we explain how they differ, the effects they have and how we can manage them.

Think outside the box: How to protect your eyes while watching television

Nov 19, 2021 - Eye Care

At this time of year, snuggling up on the sofa is oh-so-tempting and with Netflix at our fingertips, box-set binging is even more enticing. But do you get sore eyes whilst watching television?

Better Together: Clapham Optical and Leightons

Jan 12, 2024 - Leightons News

We are delighted to announce that as of 17th January 2024, Leightons Opticians & Hearing Care Totton and Clapham Optical are joining forces to offer exceptional eye and hearing care to Totton and the surrounding areas.

Supporting Vision: Leightons Haslemere and the Macular Society

Nov 20, 2023 - Leightons News

On November 3rd, we were very kindly invited to the Haslemere Macular Society meeting to explore ways in which Leightons could support their members with both vision and hearing.

Eco Week event at Leightons Wokingham

Nov 8, 2023 - Events

At Leightons Wokingham, we believe in the power of sustainability and the positive impact it can have on the environment. To celebrate and promote all things eco-friendly, we hosted a remarkable Eco event from 9th to 21st October.

Ear Irrigation: A Safe and Effective Way to Remove Excess Ear Wax

Jul 24, 2023 - Hearing Care

You may remember ear syringing, but ear irrigation is the safe modern method for professional ear wax removal.

Sunglasses for different face shapes: finding the right style for you

Aug 8, 2023 - Glasses & Sunglasses

We think sunglasses shouldn't be defined by your face shape, but instead by what you want! From aviators to cat eye, here's how to find the right style for you.