Ear plugs for concerts and festivals

Jun 8, 2023 - Hearing Care

Headed to a music festival or gig this summer? Before you start pitching your tent and rocking to your favourite tunes, we’ve got some information you won’t want to miss! We had a chat with Natasha Soper, Audiologist and music lover, for the lowdown on why you should be wearing hearing protection to your next event!

DIY and eye injuries

Aug 24, 2023 - Eye Care

Find out about the hidden risks of eye injury when undertaking DIY projects, what to do in an emergency and how to prevent them.

Exclusive Götti event at Leightons Reading

Nov 13, 2023 - Events

Leightons Reading hosted a special Götti Trunkshow on Thursday 2nd November 2023, where we presented our guests with an exclusive display of glasses and sunglasses from one of the world's most cutting-edge brands.

Eco-friendly eye care: 3 ways to be greener

May 18, 2022 - Glasses & Sunglasses, Contact Lenses

From glaciers shrinking and sea levels rising to horrific droughts and animal extinction, it’s never been more important to do our bit to be more environmentally friendly

The summer guide to kids’ sunglasses

Jul 29, 2021 - Children's Eye Care

As children have just broken up from school for a well-deserved summer break, it’s important that we remember to keep our little ones’ eyes protected from the sun so we can ensure they have healthy vision for many years to come.

The complete guide for buying children’s eyewear this half term

Oct 24, 2022 - Children's Eye Care

With half term in full swing now is the perfect chance to sort out those odd jobs with the kids, back-to-school pencil cases, back-to-school lunch box, back-to-school uniform, back-to-school… glasses? If you haven’t considered getting new prescription glasses for kids returning to school, now’s the time.

Managing short-sightedness in children: glasses and contact lenses for myopia

Aug 10, 2023 - Children's Eye Care

Join us as we explain what myopia (short-sightedness) is and what can be done to manage it with the help of glasses and contact lenses.

The Importance of Eye Tests for Children: Early Detection and Prevention

Apr 14, 2023 - Children's Eye Care

Eye tests are just as important for children as they are for adults, if not more so.. For young children, an eye examination can be lots of fun. They involve using 3D images, colourful lights and matching pictures and letters which are treated like games. But just why are eye tests so important for children? Well, let us tell you.