William Morris Style Days

Nov 29, 2018 in Events

Woman in Great Britain t-shirt holding finger to mouth

Great British eyewear designed for Great British people. We at Leightons wanted to bring you something special, and what better than William Morris themselves. They are an exclusive eyewear brand, committed to making people look and feel their best, with a frame to suit each individual personality.

Our William Morris Style Days were created to give our loyal customers the chance to view their entire collection of eyewear - all in one place. It’s a unique opportunity that you won’t want to miss! We have a brand consultant on hand on the day, to help demonstrate the wonderful features and benefits of William Morris, as well as providing advice and expert brand knowledge, in hope that we can make our customers leave with a smile on their face. We started our William Morris Style Days in August and they’ve been a great success so far, here’s some of teams celebrating on the day:

Leightons Hempstead Valley

hempstead valley william morris

Leightons Andover

andover william morris

Leightons Tunbridge Wells

tunbridge wells william morris

Leightons Alton

alton william morris

Leightons Epsom

epsom william morris

Leightons Wokingham

wokingham william morris

Leightons Cobham

cobham william morris

Leightons Thatcham

thatcham william morris

Leightons Chandlers Ford

chandlers ford william morris

Leightons Reading

reading william morris

Leightons Haslemere

haslemere william morris

Leightons Fareham

fareham william morris

Leightons Sutton

sutton william morris

Leightons Camberley

camberley william morris

William Morris symbolises contemporary British eyewear, in line with current trends, using them to create timeless styled glasses. They’re refreshingly modern yet wearable take on eyewear has made them one of Leightons’ favourite brands, featuring in almost all our branches.

All our William Morris Style Days were a great success and enjoyed by all here at Leightons. Thank you to those who attended and found the perfect pair of specs, we hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did. Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming events in 2019…

Before you are tempted by any new eyewear, it’s worth getting your prescription checked if you haven’t had an eye test for a while. You can book an appointment online, or call 0800 40 20 20. In branch, one of our fully-qualified dispensing opticians will be able to adjust your new frames to the perfect fit.

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