Einstein or Monroe?

Jun 28, 2015 in Eye Tests

Einstein or Monroe?

It’s quite normal to experience weaker eyesight as we grow older. Many vision problems also tend Wondering if you need glasses? Let Albert Einstein and Marilyn Monroe help you decide! A clever optical illusion by a team of researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology can now help you figure out whether your vision is in perfect condition or not. Read on to find out more.

The Illusionist

“Marilyn Einstein” – this cheekily named blurry image created by MIT is a sort of a hybrid photograph, where a blurry picture of Marilyn Monroe has been superimposed with a detailed image of Albert Einstein. If your eyesight is in good condition, the image will look like Monroe from a distance and will morph into Einstein when you get near. If you have vision problems, you may only see the Hollywood bombshell, with no signs of the revered physicist at all! So if you cannot see Albert Einstein in the image, it may be time to go see an eye doctor and a get a prescription for glasses or contact lenses.

Eyes Wide Shut

Eye conditions can take a variety of forms. Here are some of the most common eye problems that you could be facing:

  • Myopia – or short-sightedness is a very common refractive error in the eye. Objects in the distance appear blurry, while objects near by seem clearer. This condition can occur if the eyeball is too long relative to the focussing power of the lens.

  • Hyperopia – or long-sightedness is the opposite of myopia. Objects in the distance appear clearer and objects nearby seem blurry. Hyperopia occurs when the eyeball is too short.

  • Astigmatism – occurs when the cornea is not perfectly spherical, which causes the image to be focussed at two different points. This condition can occur on its own or in conjunction with myopia or hyperopia.

  • Presbyopia – or age-related weakening of the eye can happen to everybody from the age of 40 onwards. The eyes gradually lose the ability to see objects up close, reading may be become difficult and headaches are quite common as well.

All these conditions can be easily corrected by wearing appropriate glasses or contact lenses.

Take the Test

Apart from ‘Marilyn Einstein’, a professional eye test is the best way of determining your ocular health – whether you need glasses or contact lenses to see better, or there are any other vision problems that need to be addressed.

At Leightons Opticians and Hearing Care we offer a comprehensive eye test that includes a basic vision test with a letter chart and lenses of different strengths. We also use state-of the-art retinal photography and 3-D tests to determine the health of your eyes. Our test takes about 30 minutes, and based on the results our optometrist will advise you on the next course of action. If you need glasses, choose from our wide range of designer glasses, or go for contact lenses from some of the leading manufacturers in the world. If any other vision problems are detected, we will guide you on your options. Getting an eye test is the first step towards ensuring the continued health of your eyes. So book an appointment online with Leightons Opticians and Hearing Care, or call us on 0800 40 20 20, or simply drop by at your nearest branch.