What sets luxury eyewear apart?

Aug 03, 2023 in Glasses & Sunglasses

A close-up view of a luxurious chandelier.

The appeal of luxury is undeniable. We enjoy splashing out if we can, whether it’s on wonderful food, a beautiful bag or a pair of shoes that are the envy of our friends. But too often that slice of luxury is simply out of reach, merely a dream. But what if we told you that there is a whole world of luxury eyewear just waiting for you to discover? And that it is more accessible than ever!

Why choose luxury eyewear?

You may be wondering to yourself, “What's so special about luxury glasses?” And we wouldn’t blame you for thinking that - you’ve not read this article yet!

So why luxury? Well, luxury eyewear employs only the very finest craftsmanship and high-quality materials in its creation. Every single element of luxury eyewear is carefully considered by its designers and often pays homage to the brand’s history or runway collections, directly linking you to the brand. Whether the frame is understated or overstated, thought has gone into every millimetre. And the best bit? Luxury glasses and sunglasses offer us a way into that elusive world of glamour at a lower price than branded handbags or clothes.

Luxury vs non-luxury materials

Luxury frames use luxurious materials, so let's have a little look at how they differ from standard.


Acetate is used across the eyewear world - it is a material that is almost limitless in its shape and palette - which is why we offer beautiful and brightly coloured glasses across our practices.

A selection of luxury acetates frames.

But what’s the difference between the acetates used in luxury glasses compared to non-luxury? Well, think of acetate like a fine wine: the longer it has to mature, the better. In fact, luxury acetates can be in production for anywhere up to six whole months, whereas non-luxury acetates may be in production for around four weeks. This lower-grade acetate can be prone to twisting and warping over time.

Luxury acetates, on the other hand, are allowed that extra time to rest, compress and mature, and this is where you’ll really start noticing the difference between the two. The acetate will feel lighter to the touch, crisp even, whilst still (and most importantly) holding its shape, resulting in beautifully glossy frames that are as robust as they are stylish. But don’t just take our word for it - come into practice and feel the difference between acetates for yourself.

Stainless Steel vs Titanium

Metal frames are back in fashion, and here to stay! But what are they made from? Well, standard glasses are typically made from stainless steel, whereas luxury eyewear is often crafted from titanium. Titanium brings a whole range of benefits to eyewear, most notably their weightlessness and strength, and in the case of beta titanium, some flexibility; something which our customers truly appreciate.

Some of our favourites

Now you know a little bit about why you should consider luxury eyewear, allow us to introduce you to some of our favourite luxury designers.

Tom Ford Eyewear Spring/Summer 2023 Campaign.

Tom Ford eyewear

Looking for understated luxury that's just as stylish as it is iconic? Look no further than Tom Ford. This brand perfectly fuses classic styles with a modern outlook to create a collection that exudes sleek luxury. Utilising quality, Italian-made acetate, every single pair of Tom Ford glasses and sunglasses are meticulously crafted and sport the rather iconic signature Gold T.

Gucci Horsebit Sunglasses In Gold.

Gucci eyewear

Everybody who's anybody knows Gucci, one of the world's most luxurious brands, and for very good reason. Gucci are true Italian masters, showcasing excellence in everything they do. And that doesn’t stop at their eyewear collections, creating looks straight from the runway, oozing Gucci iconography. Our Gucci frames of the moment are their Horsebit collection. This equestrian-inspired collection weaves the iconic horsebit into the design of the frame, something which is synonymous with Gucci and is featured on their loafers and leather goods.

Mont Blanc eyewear

Mont Blanc eyewear

For our final luxury highlight, we’re heading back over to another European giant. Mont Blanc is widely renowned for their opulent innovations in the field of stationery. However, they also apply their adept precision and artistry in the domain of eyewear design. Their collection exudes a suave and sophisticated aura, perfect for the discerning wearer.

But what makes Mont Blanc so special? Well, many of their frames are inspired by the brand's heritage and feature metal clip detailing, which is the same feature that’s on the iconic pens and has been designed to clip onto the pocket of a shirt or blazer. Practical and stylish!

Ready to experience luxury?

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