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May 18, 2023 in Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection by ACS Custom

Life can be loud. Sometimes that’s a wonderful thing, but very often it’s just a bit too much. That’s where earplugs come in. Whether you need them for sleeping, for work, for live music events, or even for swimming, we offer some of the best earplugs available.

Why use earplugs?

Did you know that noise-induced hearing loss is one of the most common types of hearing loss? And that long-term damage can be caused by prolonged exposure to loud noise?

In fact, regularly being around noise that is more than 85 decibels1 can cause hearing loss. And there are plenty of everyday scenarios where noise levels can exceed this – so you need to be prepared with adequate hearing protection.

Common noise levels according to the RNID

Decibel sound pressure table.

Have you ever considered wearing earplugs to a nightclub? Probably not. But when you see that a nightclub’s decibel level would only be safe for around twenty minutes per week, you might think again.

Earplugs for health and wellness

Earplugs can also be useful for other applications, not just for noise reduction and hearing protection. For example, wearing specialist swimming earplugs will block out water and prevent ear canal infections.

Wearing earplugs for sleeping at night is both safe and can help you get a better night’s sleep. Earplugs can even be used to manage the symptoms of tinnitus which is exacerbated by loud noise.

Benefits of custom-moulded earplugs

Orange ACS Earplugs

When you think of earplugs, what springs to mind? Brightly coloured foam bullets? While those certainly have their place, there are far more specialised earplugs available. A pair of silicon custom-moulded earplugs will provide:

  • Better comfort
  • A more secure fit that is less likely to fall out
  • Noise cancellation up to 35 decibels

They can also help reduce waste since custom earplugs are reusable for many years. And that means fewer single-use foam earplugs going in the bin.

Custom earplugs can also be adapted to your needs – whether you’re simply looking for some peace and quiet, or want to reduce overall volume but keep sound clarity.

Specialist hearing protection

Of course, traditional foam earplugs are better than nothing at all. And they’re a great option if you’re looking to keep to a budget. But if you need earplugs for a concert, or are looking for ultimate hearing protection for work and activities, a custom-fit pair is a sound investment.

Whether you’re a sports-fan, a professional musician, or you’re suffering from sleeping with a snorer, custom-moulded silicone earplugs can be specialised with a filter and fit to suit your needs.

What’s the most effective type of hearing protection?

When it comes to hearing protection, you might think that large over-ear ear defenders – the type worn by tradespeople while using noisy machinery – are the most effective. But in fact, earplugs worn in the ear canal are most effective at blocking noise.

noise cancelling headphones

Can noise cancelling headphones protect my hearing?

Yes, but not as effectively as custom earplugs. Noise-cancelling headphones can help protect your hearing by reducing your exposure to loud external sounds. There are two types of noise-cancelling headphones:

Passive noise-cancelling headphones provide soundproofing by sealing your ears off from external sounds with a heavy-duty design.

Active noise-cancelling headphones use battery-powered frequency control technology to block out unwanted sounds while listening to audio playback.

By reducing the level of external noise, noise-cancelling headphones can allow you to listen to audio at a lower volume, which can help protect your hearing health over time.

How to get custom-fit hearing protection

When you come in to get fitted for a pair of custom hearing protection earplugs, your audiologist will take impressions of your ears. We will then send the impressions off to be manufactured. You’ll receive your snug-fitting pair of earplugs in about 4 weeks.

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