Charity tries to find home for deaf cat Sandy

Feb 28, 2013 in Hearing Tests

Charity tries to find home for deaf cat Sandy

The charity Action For Hearing Loss has put word out that the hunt is on for someone to look after a deaf cat who is in need.

The organisation has teamed up with Caterham, Redhill and East Surrey Cats Protection to try and find someone to love and care for the cat, who is called Sandy and is 16 years of age.

However, these organisations are specifically seeking a cat lover who is deaf to take Sandy in.

It seems this is because she sometimes makes quite a lot of noise without meaning to, on account of her condition, and this sometimes happens during the early morning.

Anyone who can give Sandy a home has been asked to email [email protected] as a way of gaining more information.

Caterham, Redhill and East Surrey Cats Protection branch co-ordinator, Jacky Eyres, explained that the "sweet" cat was a stray who had arrived at the shelter wanting "love and a home".

"She would make a fantastic house cat as she snoozes most of the day away but would like her owner to be around a lot of the time. It would be the cat’s whiskers to see her find a home to call her own," she said.

Sandy would fit in well with a deaf owner who lives in a home which doesn't have any other animals in it, or small children. Given the noise she sometimes makes, it would also be good if the home did not have any immediate neighbours.

Recently, Action On Hearing Loss revealed research showing that, among a sample of young people, 79 per cent didn't know about regulations, introduced this month, meaning every personal music playing device sold within the European Union will be expected to come with an 85 decibel volume limit pre- set.

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