What to expect in your first hearing test at Leightons

Jan 02, 2013 in Hearing Tests

What to expect in your first hearing test at Leightons

On the road to recovery from hearing loss, there are a number of ways that you can make your journey easier.

One of the best ways is to read up, prepare and be pro-active in ensuring that you know what is going to happen.

This means being aware of the sort of digital hearing aids there are, as well as what the process will be like as you navigate the road to recovery.

Our expert audiologists will be able to provide you with the bulk of the information but some basic knowledge really does help.

Doing just a little bit of online research will not only help you feel more comfortable during what can be a difficult time but also ensure the process can go much quicker and more easily.

Starting at the beginning, your first hearing test is where everything gets underway and here is what to expect when you call and see us in branch, or at home for your free home hearing test.

When you begin the test, our audiologists will explain everything that will go on during the appointment and go through all of the procedures that you will have.

As well as going through these processes, your audiologist will also discuss with you lifestyle issues and take part in a comprehensive discussion about anything that may impact on your hearing.

You will then undergo an otoscopic examination, which looks at the external canal and tympanic membrane in order to determine the extent to which you suffer from hearing loss.

Your audiologist will then explain to you the audiogram, which is essentially a graphic showing how well you can hear various sound levels.

From then, you will be explained what sort of hearing aid you require as well as timescale for recovery.

Hearing tests will vary based purely on each individual patient but knowing a basic background will help your first step go as smoothly as possible.

If you have any questions prior to your appointment, don't hesitate to give one of our branches a ring.