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Sunglasses Overview

Bring me sunshine

Whether you want to make your mark in statement shades or play it cool with classic wayfarers or aviators. At Leightons, we stock all sorts of sunglasses. The trick is, finding the right ones for you. Luckily, our friendly Dispensing Opticians have the right knack for helping you find your perfect pair.

Of course, as well as looking good, they should do good, too. Our eyes are especially susceptible to the sun because of the transparency of the outer tissues. Long-term exposure can speed up ageing of the macula, the most sensitive part of the retina and can also lead to cataracts.

That’s why our trusted opticians will ask you about sunglasses as part of your eye test. So it’s a good idea to keep your sight safe with a good pair of sunglasses.


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Here’s what to look for:

Protection – Any sunglasses that give you 99% protection from UVB rays and 95% protection from UVA rays will effectively shield your eyes. If you’re not sure which are best, just ask our friendly Dispensing Opticians.

Size – The lens should be on the bigger side, so they protect your whole eye – including the delicate area around your eye socket. They should sit close to your face so sunrays can’t sneak between the glasses and your eye.


Sunglasses for sport

Love sport? Our experts can find you the perfect sunglasses to keep you at the top of your game. Some lenses can help you pick out the yellow of a tennis ball on a bright day. Others are custom-made for spotting the break on the green. Bike fans can find their perfect, lightweight partners, which stay on no matter what the terrain. Talk to our team and we’ll help you find the perfect pair to help you beat your personal best.